Conrad Cook wrote the song "Glory Road" when he was the pianist for "The Calvarymen Quartet" a local group from Charleston and Logan, WV. You won't find very many singers and songwriters that haven't heard and know this song, even today! Below is a link to a video with the original group, The Calvarymen, who recorded and sang this song before anyone else. Of the five members during this time, only the two Parsons brothers, Squire and Virgil are not only living, but still faithful in singing God's praises in song. Enjoy this recording from over 40 years ago...

Please watch this recent version of Clayton singing "There's Just Something About That Name" - The first one we posted was two years ago when he was three years old so we wanted to update and let you know that he is still singing and is getting better and better.  There truly is "something about THAT name!"...

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We are The Humphreys and have been singing as a family since 1997. Originally we used the name "The Doug Humphreys Family" until 2003 when we became known as "The Humphreys". Doug and Sandy met while they were singing with two different local gospel groups (The Calvarymen and The Young Disciples) and were married in 1976. Doug and Sandy have a son, Brian, and a daughter, Jessie.  Brian is featured on our first recording, "Trusting In God" and is married to Laura and they have one daughter, Julianne Elizabeth, (Our first Grandchild). Jessie is married to Sheldon Sharp, both of whom sing with us and they have two sons, Clayton Riley and Corbin Reece Sharp. It was never an intended goal for us to sing as a family but the Lord opened the doors for us and we are so thankful for His divine guidance in our lives... READ MORE ABOUT US>

Our Latest Releases

Jessie Sharp
The Humphreys - CD


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  1. Through It All
  2. That's What My God Can Do
  3. Better Hurry Up
  4. My God Will Always Be Enough
  5. Reason Enough
  6. It's Just Like Heaven
  7. He's All I Need
  8. Don't It Make You Want To Go
  9. Ephesians Chapter I
  10. Home Where I Belong
  11. As The Deer (piano solo by Sheldon Sharp)


Humphreys Reunion DVD
The Humphreys - DVD

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This 2-Disc video release from The Humphreys
features 23 songs that will stir your soul. Join with us during this special reunion gathering and enjoy the other groups, songs, stories and photos!


  1. Use Us, Jesus
  2. He Saw It All
  3. His Marvelous Love
  4. He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good
  5. I Still Trust You, Lord

Jessie SharpJessie Sharp - CD


CDs Now Available! / Go to "Store" page for audio clip previews!



  1. My Name is Written In Heaven
  2. I've Got a Song to Sing
  3. My Peace of Mind
  4. I Could Never Praise Him Enough
  5. Grace
  6. He'll Deliver Me
  7. I'd Rather Have Jesus/I'm Not Ashamed
  8. I Wanna Know You More
  9. Redeemer
  10. I Still Am Your Child
  11. What On Earth Are You Waiting For
  12. When I Said I Do

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