About The Humphreys

The Humphreys FamilyWe are The Humphreys and have been singing as a family since 1997. Originally we used the name "The Doug Humphreys Family".  Doug and Sandy met while they were singing with two different local gospel groups (The Calvarymen and The Young Disciples) and were married in 1976. We have a son, Brian, who is featured on our first recording, "Trusting In God" and is married to Ashley. Brian is the father of one daughter, Julianne Elizabeth, (our first grandchild) and one son, Maverick Tennyson (our latest grandchild.) Our daughter, Jessie is married to Sheldon Sharp, both of whom sing with us. They have two sons, Clayton, Corbin, and one daughter, Charlotte.

It was never an intended goal for us to sing as a family but the Lord opened the doors for us and we are so thankful for His divine guidance in our lives... We are blessed and trust that our ministry uplifts the Holy name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while encouraging our church family and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and lives of all that hear the songs and our testimonies.  Although Brian no longer sings with The Humphreys except on special occasions when his schedule allows, Sheldon has become a wonderful addition to the group with not only his vocal talent but his instrumental abilities as well. The group currently consists of Doug, Sandy, Jessie and Sheldon.


The following portion of video that is included on the "Humphreys  Reunion DVD" will further explain our history.



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Meet Doug

The HumphreysDoug retired in 2005 as a Lieutenant from the Charleston Police Department after 28 years. He is now employed as a tax compliance officer (better known as tax collector, a not so well-liked biblical character) for the City of Charleston. He sang with "The Calvarymen" in the mid 1970's after Squire Parsons left the group to sing with "The Kingsmen". He was saved in the mid 1990's and our house became a "home". Doug's father, Jim, was part of this group until he, Doug's Mom, Jo, and his brother, Jay began a family group called "Jim Humphreys and the Good News Singers". They later became known as "The Humphreys" and Doug's brother Mark and sister Dee Dee joined the group. As stated previously, the full history is available on, "The Humphreys Reunion DVD." (A portion of this video is available to view above.) Doug's Mom, Jo passed away in 1995 and the original Humphreys group disbanded in 2001. Dad began singing with The New Creation Quartet. Jay moved to The Praisemen. Mark then sang with The Gospel Melody Boys and Esta and Dee Dee retired. After obtaining permission from them, our family assumed the name in 2003.

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Meet Sandy

The HumphreysSandy started working for the State of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection in 1973 and retired in December of 2010. She has five "older" brothers and being the baby of the family and the only girl, she insists she wasn't spoiled ... yeah right! Her desire is to be the wife, mother, and grandmother that God wants her to be and to be obedient to His will.

Sandy contributes her desire to serve the Lord to her parents' tough love and being raised in a God-fearing church. She was saved at an early age and is so blessed that her husband, both of her children, and 2 of the 5 grandchidren are saved. in fact, she was privileged to lead Jessie to the Lord at the age of 6 (on Thanksgiving Day) - what an experience!

Soon after graduating high school, Sandy began singing with her brother, Jack, and Keith Skiles in a trio called "The Young Disciples". While singing with them, she met Doug who sang with "The Calvarymen" and it was love at first sight. They dated six weeks when they became engaged and six months after their first date they were married at Sandy's home church, Maple Hill Baptist.

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Meet Jessie

The HumphreysAs previously stated, Jessie was saved at the age of 6 on Thanksgiving Day when she asked Sandy how to be saved!  Growing up she was always active in our home church. She now teaches singing at her home church camp each year.

She currently has a degree in Education and taught fourth and fifth grade for four years in Kanawha County Schools.  After the birth of her first child, Clayton, in September of 2010, she became a stay-at-home mom and is a substitute teacher in Jackson County. She is now the mother of three - two sons and one daughter.  She is creative in many areas and has a tremendous love for the Lord and the ministry of singing for him.  Jessie has been singing since she was born and "accidentally" sang harmony in front of the church at the age of five.

Meet Sheldon

Sheldon was saved at the age of 8 and became the church pianist when he was only 13 years old. He is a mechanical engineer for J & M Industrial. The Lord has blessed him with many musical talents including the ability to play the piano, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and just about anything else you put in his hands.  All this, along with his vocal talent makes him a natural addition to our singing ministry.

Note: Jessie and Sheldon also met in high school while singing in a gospel teen choir. They were married on February 24, 2007 and now have three children - two sons and one daughter. Sheldon is a Trustee, Sunday School Teacher, and Pianist in his home church.

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Meet Brian

The HumphreysBrian sang with the family until his job with the US Secret Service required him to move to Washington DC. Upon his return to West Virginia, Brian became a Kanawha County Deputy.  He was saved at a young age and as mentioned earlier, you will hear Brian on our first family recording "Trusting In God". 

Julianne and Clayton - Christmas 2011

Four grandchildren - so blessed!!